New Guinness World Record in Most Blood Pressure Readings taken in 8 hours was broken in Poland.

On January 14, 2012 in Manufaktura Centre in Lodz, Poland during a campaign called “Time to roll up your sleeves!” 7 554 people had their blood pressure tested, setting the new Guinness World Record.

The initiator of the campaign was Clinical Hospital no. 1 in Lodz named after Norbert Barlicki and Novamed company together with an italian brand Medel. They joined their effort to organise the “Time to roll up your sleeves!” event in order to raise social awareness about the problem of hypertension among the Poles and promote knowledge about its available treatment and prophylaxis.

The campaign turned out to be a great success and the attendance outgrown the organisers expectations. The Poles not only doubled the previous Guinness World Record set in 2010 in Bahrain, which was 3 252, but almost managed to score the result of blood pressure readings Japanese set in 24 hours – in 2009 they tested 7 607 people.

Below you can find the postcard form this event:

Postcard from event